13 febrero 2011

100.000 huerfanos madianitas en Canada, a manos de las Iglesias Cristianas

Hidden From History: The Canadian Holocaust

" .... Despite their best efforts to ignore this fact ..., the Canadian government and its partner
Catholic, Anglican and United churches now face the same kind of historical reckoning that Nazi Germany did after its defeat in 1945: an awakening to their own criminal nature.

On April 20, 2007, Canada and those churches suffered a fundamental moral defeat in Parliament, when the first cabinet minister in Canadian history publicly acknowledged that

untold thousands of children had died in Christian Indian residential schools.


... that Canada remain frozen as a colonial, church-dominated, semi-feudal society: a condition that has caused the sustained genocide of indigenous peoples and the destruction of their lands,

The two attempted democratic revolutions in our history – the abortive rebellions in 1837 in Upper and Lower Canada, and the Metis Insurrection of 1885 in the Red River basin – had as their common aim the ending of an Imperial oligarchy and the creation of a democratic Republic in which aboriginals and Europeans could co-exist equally.
The crushing of both rebellions ensured that oligarchy and apartheid would remain the political norm in Canada.

And yet, the same vision of freedom that propelled these revolts had been first offered by the eastern Six Nations to the arriving Europeans through the “Two Road Wampum” Great Law of Peace, in which both cultures would share the land and not seek to dominate or conquer the other.

That offer was rejected not by Europeans as a whole, but by the religious and commercial elites who ran the foreign policy of both the French and British Empires, especially during the European Religious Wars of the formative 17th century.

Time and again, the Catholic and Protestant churches subverted peaceful relations between whites and natives, and among aboriginal nations such as the Huron and Iroquois, as part of their plan to exterminate all non-Christian peoples and take their land.

In the words of the Jesuit missionary Jean Brebeuf,

“There can be no peace or parity between the savages and Christians.
This is required by our Faith
and the fur trade.”

Canada as we know it has arisen on the basis of this basic philosophy of Christian Superior Dominion.

Legal genocide in Canada has rested historically on ... ; a powerful, unaccountable and state-protected religious oligarchy in the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches, and later, the state-created United Church; ...

II. Spiritually: Disestablishment of the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada; and

1. Tax the churches:
Revoke the charitable tax-exempt status of the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church,
nationalize all church property and land,
audit and assess all payments owed by these churches to the people and indigenous nations since their inception,
and return all lands and effects stolen by these churches from native people.

2. Revoke the legal charters and legislation governing the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada, and thereby end their official, legal status.

3. End diplomatic recognition of the Vatican and expel the Papal Nuncio.

4. Separate church and state: no funding for religious schools or churches, no religious oaths or functions connected to the state, no state protection for clergy or churches (ie, revoke sections 176 and 296 of the Criminal Code of Canada).

5. Establish a public, international inquiry into crimes of these churches against native people, including in Indian residential schools, with the power to subpoena, try and jail offenders.


Commission for Victims of Crimes against Humanity
President of The Children of the Great Darkness Committee
(Comité Les Enfants de la Grande Noirceur) C.E.G.N.
779, Précieux-Sang
Joliette, Qc Canada
J6E 2M8

(1.) Saint-Jean-de-Dieu Psychiatric Hospital
... Incinerators (Orphans testified being experimented on by ... doctors) All Orphans deaths were investigated by the Hospital Police Only, (no reports, no death certificates, No markers)

Selling of bodies to the Universities.

Runned by the Sisters of Providence of M ...

(2.) Saint Michel Archange ... ( girls & boys ) Railroad tracks & Wharf
Lobotomies, murder, Torture, Medical experiments done in their Psychiatric Sanatorium Wing,

... was lobotomized and degraded worst than an animal. Runned by the Sisters of Charity of Quebec ...

(3.) Saint-Julien Psychiatric Hospital
Saint-Ferdinand d’Halifax Comté Mégantic (Bernierville) Canada

(1 500 girls only )

putting orphans in cells for years, sexual abuse, murder, experimental drugs, straitjacketed,

(Torture, Example :

Myriam Kelly of Drummondville,(Quebec) at

ages of 4,5,6,

a Nun


a leg of a chair

in her rectum,

Myriam was beaten with a chain by three Nun’s in a cell, at age of 16,

Myriam Kelly was in a cell for a long time, decided that she would let herself die, she stopped eating, a Nun from the Sisters of Charity of Quebec noticed she didn’t touch her porridge, warned her if she didn’t eat when she came back that

she would shoved a mouse down her throat,

Religious Order came back shortly to find that the porridge was not touched, the Nun called out to some real psychopaths to

hold her down and holding her mouth open shoved a mouse down her throat,

Myriam Kelly is still alive and told her story just two weeks ago.

Run by the Sisters of Charity of Quebec ...

(4.) Sainte Anne Psychiatric Hospital, Baie Saint Paul
( girls & boys )

Run by the Little Franciscans of Mary ...

transported illegally thousands of Canadian/Quebec Duplessis Orphans across the US border to fill their US institutions and

use them as Guinea pigs for medical experiments ...

(5.) The Verdun Protestant Hospital Montreal,

( Dr.Heinz Lehmann came to Canada in 1937 from Germany, bringing with him a powerful drug Chlorpromazine, known in french Quebec as Largactil what they gave to the Duplessis Orphans as early as the mid forties, but Health Canada gave permission to use this powerful drug only in 1957, known in the States as Thorazine, ...

, he worked doing experiments on orphans for 26 years with this piece of paper, no check up by the Canadian goverment, nobody even knows if he was a doctor in the first place ?(girls & boys)

(6.) (Dr.Ewen Cameron) MKULTRA ( girls & boys )Royal Victoria Hospital,

funded by the CIA, Rockerfeller foundation,

Dr.Ewen Cameron did brain experiments, but also on the Duplessis Orphans at the Saint-Jean-de-Dieu Psychiatric Hospital where he and Lehmann would go two and three times a week, Cameron being the president of the World Psychiatric Association ...

(7.) Saint Charles Psychiatric Hospital Joliette, ..., runned by the Dominican Sisters( girls & boys )

Duplessis Orphans Paul St Aubin and Jean Guy Labrosse

testified seeing

orphans with enlarged heads,

during the Bédard Commission in 1961, Saint-Jean-de-Dieu Hospital transfered 1000 Duplessis Orphans to the Annonciation Hospital in the Laurentian Mountains and 600 hundred Duplessis Orphans to Saint Charles Psychiatric Hospital, 1600 hundred sain boys and girls illegally label, deprived of their education.

(8.) L’Annonciation Psychiatric Hospital

Orphans with enlarged heads. Dr.Heinz Lehmann, he who brought Chlorpromazine into Canada in 1937, tested a new powerful drug on the Guinea Pigs the Duplessis Orphans 10 January 1960 at the Annonciation Hospital, the name of the drug Butyrophenones (Hadol) ( girls & boys )

(9.) Bordeaux Jail in Montreal Province of Quebec

(1 327 sain orphans illegally held prisoner in the D-Wing, all have disappeared)

( Orphans with enlarged heads seen in 1953) No death certificates, No markers.

(10.) Institute Philippe Pinel of Montreal, Province of Quebec, Canada

(Hundreds of Duplessis Orphans were sent to this place an all disappeared or murdered)


(11.) Institute Albert Prévost Psychiatric Hospital ( Director Dr. Camille Laurin former minister of Health ofQuebec) ( The 1961 Bédard Commission Scandal) A place where Duplessis Orphans were experimented on by new Psychiatrists.

(12.) Dorea Psychiatric Hospital Franklin County, Province of Quebec, Canada

...( under ground tunnels and having an electric chair) ...

(13.) Mont Providence Psychiatric Hospital Montreal, Province of Quebec, Canada, Mont Providence was an orphanage, and changed vocation 1954 over night from orphanage with a school and books to a Psychiatric Hospital in order to collect federal subsidies from 75 cents per head in an orphanage to 225 in a psychiatric hospital, this is also a place where Ex.Minister of Health of Quebec Dr.Denis Lazure was Director, but also a place where orphans were held in cages,

a well respected journalist/reporter Gérard Pelletier wrote for three years in the newspaper LeDevoir on the orphans,

had gotten a special permission to visit hospitals an conditions, he wasn’t able to write all the horrors he seen, but he did write that at Mont Providence

he saw orphans in cages climbing like monkeys.

Dr.Jean Gaudreau testified publically, that in 1961, his very first day on the job, he had a list of orphans to evaluate, the Superior Nun in charge lead the Doctor to this room where his first orphan to evaluate was, he saw this horrific site,

a child less than 5 years old in a straitjacket and chained to the sink pipes.

(14.) Quebec Sanatoriums ( All having Psychiatric Wings doing experiments on the Duplessis orphans, a place where people stayed away in fear of catching tuberculosis, just before dying in 1959, the Ex.Premier of Quebec Maurice Duplessis ordered 34 new Sanatoriums be built with no epidemic on the horizon, 19 for women and 15 for men) One can only imagine what went on in the Sanatoriums.

(15.) Hôpital Miséricorde of Montreal, Province of Quebec, Canada

runned by the Sisters of Mercy,

159 000 thousand babies were born in that place alone,

this Religious Order had Institutions all over the greater Montreal, Canada and the United States, europe and South America,

these Nuns were implicated in a horrific scheme by

changing the unwed mothers babies identities, separating the new born baby from the mother, an announcing to the mother unfortunately your baby died, the babies were sorted,

the most cute ones were sold from 3,000$ dollars to 10 000$ thousand dollars a head mostly sold to New York,

on what was called the International BlackMarket Babies in Montreal,

I am in contact with four original survivors Blackmarket women who were sold in the fifties.

The other class of orphans were

falsely labeled mentally retarded and sent to the Psychiatric Hospitals in the whole of Quebec, the Canadian Provinces, and the United States,

and a third class of Orphans would become the

Farm Labor Orphans to be whipped, tortured, living in unbearable conditions, deprived of their education, loaned out to other farmers for harvest from morning to night,

Paul St Aubin had a grave injury to his spine by a farmer who caught him in the chicken coop drinking the contents of raw eggs in order to survive, having ate left overs in the Pig Pen, having mixed milk with horse feed to survive, after six years on a farm, Paul was sent to the Saint Charles Psychiatric Hospital an other Psychiatric hospital for a period of 18 years for a total of 24 years of solid torture.

(16.) Foyer Sainte Luce of Disraeli of Wolfe,

... needed workers, asked if he could get some orphans, knowing he would not have to pay them, no problem, the government gave orders to send to Bérubé 42 Duplessis Orphans who were at the Saint-Jean-de-Dieu Hospital, again no problem, a bus arrived at Saint-Jean-de-Dieu Hospital, 42 Duplessis orphans were chosen like Jean Guy Labrosse, Sylvio Albert Day, Fernand Devault,

they were threatened that if they didn’t complied with the orders they would all be sent to the back cells, the back cells of Saint-Jean-de-Dieu Hospital is where you were sent to die. They boarded the bus, it was late fall, once arrived, all slepted on the floor, the next day Eugène Bérubé ordered the orphans to dig a trench for a cement foundation, the orphans working from morning to night digging in hard ground, freezing, not having warm clothes, Bérubé

had guards with whips having prongs with orders to whip any orphan who didn’t work,

the place had a 17 foot high fence, the yard 150 by 275 feet, having two bull dogs, this part of the building that the orphans were working on would be cells where they would be locked up, but in the mean time 7 was locked up in a room under the stairs, no windows, no heating.

The orphans witnessed the murder of an old man though windows of a living room, guards had seated an old man in a chair, two guards held the man down, the third guard punched the old man on the temple, the old man died, when inspectors came to the Foyer, the Director Bérubé threaten the orphans if they talked, they would suffer the same consequences or be put in a cell and never get out. One of the orphans Jean Guy Labrosse went to see Senator Jacques Hébert who wrote a book on everything that Jean Guy Labrosse told him, in one part of Labrosse’s book he speaks of being in the Foyer Sainte Luce, he states being locked in the cell :”We were in the first week of february 1956, winter is very hard for the orphans, nobody from the exterior hears our cries and sufferings that Bérubé is making them endure”.

In 1965 a scandal broke relative to Bérubé who was mixed up in the Darabaner affair. He was tried in Sherbrooke. He was suspected for a long time by the citizens in the mysterious deaths of the elderly. He and his associates were sentenced to three year in the penitentiary for falsifying records, for embezzling funds as well as other infractions of the criminal code. But he was never condemned for crimes done to the orphans, nor those done to the elderly. Even so, Bérubé had his assets seized, including the buildings of the Home. His brother-in-law, a lawyer, was disbarred in Quebec.

The Duplessis Orphans are demanding Justice

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