05 febrero 2010

La maquina para practicar la Empatía religiosa y comodamente.

" ... from all over the world overcame their divisions and joined together to save humankind from damnation. Today we are offering you a new product: the Empathy Box©! A new amazing solution for improving your daily life! Empathy Box© is provided to you by the Bureau of United Religions. ..."


" When the Bureau of United Religions started working on the Empathy Box©, it first tried to answer one question: What is it that keeps all religions together?...
...: pain, as the only way to reach purification.

On top of this, faith must be shared by a community of persons, as a wonderful gift.
The Empathy Box©has all that and much more: it is a machine for feeling pain and sharing it with your loved ones. As soon as everyone feels the same ache, a sense of love and empathy will spread among the participants, opening their hearts forever.

Let's bring together all your friends, your beloved family and colleagues. Turn on the Empathy Box© and you are ready to experience a genuine and sound spiritual sensation. Touch the metal spheres, hold your hands and get ready to feel an electric shock that will make your soul burn for joy! Forget all those long and boring ceremonies you got used to: now religion can be enjoyed completely with no frills merely by sitting in your living room. ..."

" ... Pain can easily turn into sadomasochism, that is a dreadful sin, if it is not experienced for the wealth of the community. Empathy, the sharing of our feelings, is the way for a joyful life. "

Sentimiento real de comunidad.

Empatía Fisica.

Mucho mejor que las practicas de mortificación ascetica pasadas de moda,
por excesivamente sensuales ( los clasicos que herían corporalmente, y que hoy asustarían al publico medio, desvalorizados como cosa antigua, extrema, y con connotaciones contaminadas por su cercanía a usos indebidos del placer / dolor ),

mucho mejor que esos presuntos sacrificios que sugieren los predicadores modernos, como abstenerse de algo que guste, porque, lo mismo que los latigos son excesivos, el no comerse postre tampoco crea un efecto notable en el alma.

La Tecnologia, que gran Cosa.

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Los autores de este hermoso y util artefacto presentan el sabado a las 7 tarde un novedoso y util mueble para bricolajearse seguridad, y promover Justicia D.I.Y. :


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